Monday, September 20, 2010

God Never Changes...He Still Heals Today!

I am so elated I can hardly type this note. I just got a call and my good assistant DS, Rev. Bob England, told me he got a call from his medical doctor tonight (September 20, 2010) about 9:00 P.M. and Dr. Smith told him quote, “Bob, we have a miracle here, the pathology report came back and you DO NOT have cancer!

Wow! This is a divine miracle. I was there about six weeks ago in the doctor’s office with Br. Bob and his wife Vivian, when the same doctor told him in no uncertain terms, “I just studied your case and you have very aggressive cancer and it is in the last stages. We need to operate as soon as possible.”

Pastor Bob got a second opinion about his medical condition and the second specialist agreed that Pastor Bob had cancer but wanted another biopsy done to see for sure how to do the best treatment. So, when the second biopsy came back clear it is indeed a miracle!

We will be rejoicing about this for months and years to come. Praise God! All across the district and only the Lord knows where else people have been praying for my brother in the Lord.

Dr. Mark Eckart

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