Tuesday, May 26, 2009

NEW BOOK MAPS OUT PATH FOR LOST GENERATION TO FIND CHURCH: ‘Already Gone’ Delves into Reasons for Young People’s Exodus.

Ken Ham and renowned researcher Britt Beemer take a penetrating look at the mass exodus of young people from church in their book released this week, “Already Gone: Why Your Kids Will Quit Church and What You Can Do to Stop It.” Surveys have consistently shown that more than 60 percent of children who grow up in church will leave it as they become young adults. Ham, president of Answers in Genesis and the acclaimed new Creation Museum, and Beemer, chairman of America’s Research Group, issue a clarion call to Christian leaders everywhere:

“It’s time to wake up and see the tidal wave washing away the foundation of your church. The numbers are in–and they don’t look good. From across Christendom the reports are the same: A mass exodus is underway. Most youth of today will not be coming to church tomorrow.” ARG surveyed a group of 1,000 young adults who have left churches. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the disillusionment begins early.

“We are losing many more people by middle school and many more by high school than we will ever lose in college,” the book says. The authors found that the “twentysomethings” who have left church could be divided into two groups–one that never attends and has no plans to return, and another that attends holiday services and plans to attend regularly after they have children.

About 40 percent of the first group has fundamental questions about the truth of the book of Genesis. Fifty-six percent said that secular science had caused them to doubt the Bible. In general, this group is skeptical of biblical authority. On the other hand, most of the second group still believes in Jesus Christ. More than three-fourths of them believe that they are saved, but they are troubled by hypocrisy, legalism and self-righteousness in organized Christianity. “The Bible is relevant to them, but the Church is not,” the book says.

One of the surprising results of the survey was the apparent ineffectiveness of Sunday school. Sunday school lessons usually tell children what to believe, but not why. The lessons tend to focus more on stories of inspiration and morality than on providing a factual basis for today’s children to defend God’s Word and live by it in a fallen world. “The brutal conclusion is that, on the whole, the Sunday school programs of today are statistical failures,” the authors’ survey finds.

The decay begins, Ham and Beemer believe, with a lack of faith in the creation story of Genesis. Children tend to separate the “stories” of the Bible from the “hard facts” taught in school about evolution and the age of the Earth. They look to their textbooks for answers, not the Bible.

“Ultimately, if we are unable to defend Genesis, we have allowed the enemy to attack our Christian faith and undermine the very first book of the Bible,” the book says. The authors look at today’s churches and find that they are driven more by man-made traditions than biblical mandates. These churches focus on things like programs, entertainment, and music when research shows that people want good Bible teaching.

In the end, Ham and Beemer call for a “new Reformation in the Church,” led by parents, Christian educators, youth pastors, and pastors, “to call the Church back to the authority of God, beginning in Genesis.”

Also this week, the Creation Museum, Ken Ham’s brainchild, celebrates a milestone—its second anniversary. This high-tech center near Cincinnati has drawn 717,000 visitors and the world’s leading media.

We are so convinced of the importance of this book in calling for a revolution in the church that not only can you order individual copies ($12.99 each) from AiG’s website, you can also order case lots at only $4.99 per book in a lot of 48. We are urging people to buy case lots and hand these books out to church leaders, Sunday school teachers, teachers, parents, and young people—once you read this book you will understand why we say it is a message for this time.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Special Prayer Request From Boonville Wesleyan Church

Please remember Ron Knirs, Sr. this week in your prayers. He is in room 3115 at OMHS in Owensboro Kentucky under-going testing for a lung condition. As Wesleyans we still believe God heals today as stated in Scripture and through the testimonies of His people.

Discipline of The Wesleyan Church: Section 403.Healing.

"The truth that Jesus is both able and willing to heal the body as well as the human soul,whenever such healing is for His glory, is clearly set forth in God's Word and
by the experience of His many people at the

present day. Prayer for healing according to the pattern
set forth in the Scriptures shall be encouraged.

Healing Scriptures: Matt. 10:8; Luke 19:9; Acts 4:10, 14:1;
1 Cor.12:9,28,,James 5:14-16

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Outspoken Christian Wins American Idol As "Underdog"

Submitted by Trevor:

The 2009 season of FOX broadcasting's "American Idol" had it's share of open and honest Christians who shared their faith as much as possible. Not known to many viewers is the fact that two contestants held joint-bible studies and even converted people to Christ.

Kris Allen and Danny Gokey both have strong connection to their faith but it was Kris who overcame the odds set by media-hype that fellow contestant Adam Lambert would be the winner. However the millions of Christians who prayed and organized online prayer groups asking for God to intervene would have the final say.

"It wasn't about asking God to make sure he won" says a Kris Allen fan. "It's about showing America conservative principals are still very much alive"

Even with the increasing liberal tide the country seams to be taking through the media has not taken over "American Idol". Over the past eight seasons 7 out of the 8 winners have in some form openly shared their faith and held bible study.

Kris Allen shows that someone in their 20's can be traditional and conservative in today's every increasing liberal world. At the age of 23 he has been married for a few years and is active with his church community.

This year turned out to be one of the closest years where even Simon Cowell considered the "head-judge" couldn't predict the turn out. Kris Allen's debut single hits radio airwaves tomorrow (May 21) titled "No Boundaries" which has also been arranged to be pick up by many contemporary Christian radio stations.

Here is the video:

Monday, May 18, 2009

One of These Things is Not Like the Other...

CNSNews.com) -" After receiving an honorary doctorate in law at the University of Notre Dame’s graduation ceremony yesterday, President Barack Obama delivered a speech to the school's graduating seniors that sought to legitimize his position in favor of the legal killing of unborn children.

Obama told the graduates of the nation’s most well-known Catholic university that abortion “has both moral and spiritual dimensions”--although he did not explain why he had made this conclusion—and made it quite clear that, even so, he has no intention of moving from his position that it ought to be legal for a pregnant mother to have a doctor kill her unborn child for literally any reason at any stage of pregnancy.

The president also did not take back his declaration made in 2007 to Planned Parenthood that he would sign the Freedom of Choice Act, a bill that would eliminate all the state and federal limitations on abortion that have been achieved by the pro-life movement in the 26 years since the Supreme Court legalized abortion on demand in its 1973 Roe v. Wade decision."

This kind of double-speak has been common since the campaign last fall. Common ground? Wouldn't that be like those for and against the death penalty discussing how many volts to use in the electric chair or the length of the rope for the condemned prisoner on the gallows? The condemned person still dies! BO also has made statements inferring somehow that the lines are fuzzy on the issue. Sounds like he is having a relapse of the problem he had when he tried to explain when life began to Rev. Rick Warren. I don't know what Bible he reads, but mine makes this issue quite clear. Jeremiah 1:5 tells us,"Before I (God) formed you in the womb I knew you..."Jesus tells us those who would harm one of the little ones would be better off if they were cast into the sea with a boulder around their neck, than to face the final judgment with innocent blood on their hands. Doesn't sound fuzzy to me. I suppose when your pastor takes God's name in vain to make his sermon points, then sanctity of life issues are probably fuzzy for him also. The media tells us some of the Pro-Life demonstrators were arrested. I wonder if they had been hugging tress or protesting the war if they would have gone to jail as quickly. Kudos to our Catholic brothers in Christ. We should desire some of their boldness. The talking heads and politicians were as scarce at this event as hair on a chicken. The Holiness movement resorted to civil disobedience the first time an individual thought they owned another in this country.I don't know where we were Sunday. Regardless of what revisionist historians might write in the public school textbooks, the Civil War was about slavery. Seems many of our free speech rights as Christians and citizens are disappearing from our eyes in the name of "tolerance." The Bible warned us this would happen in the last days. We have seen the broad outlines of Bible Prophecy being fulfilled in the last 100 years. Now I believe we are seeing the boxes shaded in. I will leave you with the words of a wise individual.

"Suppose every American spent a little time each day...in studying the Bible and the basic documents of American history, government, and culture? The result would be a new America, vigilant, strong, but ever humble in the service of God."J. Edgar Hoover,1958, in "Masters of Deceit," ...keith 1 Cor 13

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Notre Dame Students Boycott Graduation Over Pro-Abortion Obama Speech

by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor
May 12
, 2009

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South Bend, IN (LifeNews.com) -- More graduating seniors at the University of Notre Dame are boycotting the commencement ceremony scheduled to take place this weekend featuring pro-abortion President Barack Obama. Their refusal to attend is a dramatic conclusion to what has been branded a scandal of national proportions.

Students say the decision to boycott the graduation and attend alternative commencement events, including a prayer vigil featuring Father Frank Pavone, is not a political decision.

“It’s not a political issue; this is an issue of human dignity, and it’s a Catholic issue,” said Greer Hannan, a Notre Dame graduating senior. “As a Catholic university, we need to stand up for it.”

The evening of May 16, Bishop of the Fort Wayne-South Bend diocese, Rev. John D’Arcy, will lead a candlelight prayer vigil for graduating seniors and their families to pray for an end to abortion.

On graduation day, in addition to the meditation ceremony with the Priests for Life leader, a large rally will be held on the South Quad of the university featuring a variety of speakers.

ND Response, the student-led coalition that is planning the events, told LifeNews.com today that "Notre Dame should not be honoring a political figure who supports abortion and embryonic stem cell research."

The collection of several pro-life groups has also released a new Hollywood style video showcasing their displeasure with Notre Dame and Obama.

Meanwhile, a new article on the popular Catholic web site PewSitter indicates some reasons for why Notre Dame president, Rev. John Jenkins, invited pro-abortion President Obama to be the graduation speaker.

The article indicates political connections between members of the Notre Dame Board of Trustees and Obama which may explain why a Catholic university would ignore Church teachings and significant public outcry to honor the pro-abortion president with an honorary degree.

One example listed in the expose' is that of the Chair of the Notre Dame Trustees, Richard Notebaert, and his wife may be friends of Obama's and the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum has received federal funding earmarked by Obama when he was a senator.

One of Obama's "key" fundraisers, Frank Clark, served on the museum board at time the funding was received.

The PewSitter article also explores other connections and makes the case that Jenkins may be doing little more than the bidding of a Board of Trustees politically disposed to support Obama.

Related web sites:
ND Response - http//www.NDResponse.com
New video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KUBdrrbF6o

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mom, Thank You for Choosing Life!

By Hannah Goodwyn
CBN.com Producer

CBN.com My name was supposed to be Benjamin Isaac. Mom and Dad had the name picked out for their baby boy. To my parents surprise, a little baby girl was born that day some 28 years ago.

Mom told me about this long ago, but it wasn’t until a little while back that I learned of a secret about my birth. During her pregnancy, my mother’s doctor urged her to abort me. Hearing this news, I felt a deep jolt in my soul as I pondered the idea that I almost never was.

My Almost-Never-Was Story

Still in shock, I listened to our story. This is what she said…

I was in my first trimester when my doctor decided to do a maternal blood screening test to check for possible birth defects. I had the test done and it came back positive confirming a higher than normal possibility of serious birth defects. Then, the doctor told me there was still time for a therapeutic D & C (Dilation and Curettage), in other words an abortion.

Even as my mother spoke these unbelievable words, I couldn’t wrap my mind around what she was sharing with me. Why would this man of medicine urge my mother to end my not-yet-realized life?

She continued...

He stated all of the possible defects, such as neural tube defects, Down syndrome, and other chromosomal defects.

Time seemed to stop as she recalled the long list of projected ailments I would have to deal with once I was born.

Mom said...

I don't know if I was shocked or stunned at first. I didn’t know what to think, so I left the doctor’s office to figure out what to do. I called your Dad. We quickly decided this was not up to us, but that our baby-to-be and our lives were in His hands. We both felt that God alone has the understanding and wisdom to know when a life begins and when it ends. Right then, I made God a promise. It was a promise He soon tested. Keeping me faithful to my word, God took your little brother Nathan James to Heaven.

I became pregnant when you were 5 months old. Another doctor ran the same tests on Nathan and the results came back positive – again. Dad and I were calm though because we knew God would make a way for us. That December, I started bleeding and the doctor ordered me to rest. On the way home from the appointment, my condition just got worse. My nurse friend Nancy took me to the emergency room and they admitted me at once. That night, I passed a large mass, which they said was our baby. Tests showed that it was a boy with numerous birth defects. The doctor encouraged us to mourn him and name him as if he drew breath. Doing that helped us heal.

Although it was painful to lose a son, Mom shared that she clung to the fact that God knows what He’s doing. Nathan would have lived an unbearable life, and in His mercy the Lord spared him that pain.

Despite the bad report from the doctor, I was born healthy. My mom’s trust in the Lord spared my life. In fact, each of us five kids had health problems promised to us. One of my younger brother’s was even preliminarily diagnosed with spinal bifida, which by God’s grace and through the faithful prayers of my parents and countless others, he has never experienced. We are all healthy, thriving adults today.

With God in charge, it doesn’t matter if your child may have birth defects or if you do not think you can handle being a single parent. God alone knows the future – what you can handle and the life that can be lived if you give your baby a chance, as my mom did with me. I'm so glad she did.

Monday, May 4, 2009

New Wesley Movie Trailer

Movie Trailer

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Score for Trailer composed by Joel Steudler

Sunday, May 3, 2009

"The Churchmen" Appearing
at Boonville Wesleyan Church

Sunday, June 14th, 7:00PM

Some Facts About the Churchman:
  • Multiple nominations for "Gospel Group of the Year" by the Society of Preservation of Bluegrass in America
  • Performance at the Ryman Theater
  • Nominated for Two Dove Awards
  • Bluegrass Gospel Album of the year (2005)
  • Bluegrass Song of the year (2007)
"The Churchmen are one of the fastest growing,hottest new sounds in Bluegrass Gospel Music today. We have worked with these guys a lot, and they really live what they sing."
Jeff and Sheri Easter

For more information about the Churchmen, or to listen to samples of their music, click here: