Friday, September 18, 2009

Do we Dare?
by Jamie Friedrich
Missionary to Uganda

The needs around us are so great. The 5:00 news is quick to tell us everything that is wrong with our world. We are bombarded for 30 minutes about economic woes, corrupt leaders, war across borders, and unemployment. Depending on where you live, even the sports segment can break your heart. And the thing that gets me is that after all this, at the close of the newscast, we are told to “Have a good night.”

As I prepare to move to Uganda, there are many issues that are heart-breaking and seem insurmountable. But in the midst of them, I am challenged to choose to believe that God is still a God who is full of compassion and mercy, doubtless intending to work everything together for good. This is the only way to avoid living defeated in the midst of hard times.

In John 4:50, a man came to Jesus, pleading for his son, who was close to death. Upon hearing his plea, Jesus replies, “You may go. Your son will live.” And with that, the man “took Jesus at his word and departed.” No questions. No more pleading. He chose to believe that what Jesus said had come to pass. And he did not receive confirmation until the next day. The man dared to believe that Jesus’ word was enough. He dared to believe Jesus had to power to do what he said.

This particular newsletter focuses on prayer. You will find specific things to pray for. And as you pray, I wonder if you, like the man in John 4, will dare to take Jesus at his word.

Will you dare to believe that He is still able to heal the sick, redeem broken lives, and bring light to darkness? Will you dare to believe it in your own life as well?

Jamie was our missionary speaker at Chandler Camp this year.You can find her blog link in the left hand column of this blog, or click on the World Gospel Missions link under her name at the top of this post for more info. She would appreciate your support. God bless,keith 1 Cor 13...Maranantha!

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