Thursday, August 6, 2009

Reflections on Camp Meeting 2009

God met with us again in Camp meeting last light. I observed a General Baptist, a Nazarene, and a Wesleyan pastor praying with an individual at the alter. I thought to myself, this is what camp meeting is all about! This is a time we we as Christians can join together and take down the denominational barriers. Those of you who are church history buffs like myself remember reading about the great camp meetings of our past. The Camp Meeting at Cane Ridge Kentucky, known as the great revival, is noted in almost every history book about early America.(except maybe in our new government school textbooks) Beginning on Friday August 6, 1801, this meeting went on for a week. Twenty to thirty thousand people traveled by foot and horseback to attend. Lives were changed and people were divinely healed of their maladies. Francis Asbury said"The work of God is running like fire in Kentucky." This Saturday night service of Camp Meeting has been set aside as a special time of seeking God for healing. Those Christians like us who believe the Bible is still true believe that God still chooses to heal people at His will and choosing. Yes, I know He can work through doctors and circumstances, and sometimes does. Sadly the "dispensationalists" among us in the church world have relegated these acts to the past or the time of the apostles. Maybe that is why the hospitals are full and so many churches sit empty on Sunday Morning! I know God still heals because he healed me and others I know personally. Hope to see you at camp meeting this week...keith 1 Cor 13

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