Wednesday, April 8, 2009

God Still Heals Today-My Testimony

As Resurrection Sunday is fast approaching, it makes you stop and think. I think about the things I am happy to have such as life, family and friends. I wrote these things down a while back. As Holiness people, we still believe God heals. Here is my testimony that healing is real and for God's people today.

We as a holiness people believe that God can still heal. We know He can do this in a spiritual sense. God also can heal in a physical manner. How do I know this? It happened to me. Back in September of 2006, I learned about faith and healing first hand. Just prior to that, I didn’t know I had any faith left.
I had been working in a local factory. I was earning a decent wage. Things were going along fairly well. Then everything changed. I started feeling pain and experiencing symptoms which were new to me. Sometimes, you just know when something is wrong inside. A short time later, a friend at church, Jim Walker, testified about how God had helped him through cancer surgery. His symptoms sounded an awfully lot like mine. God can use us when we are bold enough to tell others how He has worked in our life. God used Jim that day. I feared the worst. The big “C” can be very frightening when it happens to you. When I didn’t think I had any faith left, something kicked into motion. I called and emailed everyone I knew. Family and friends begin to pray. The Holy Spirit inspired my faith through their prayers and ignited my faith. No, it was not an easy road to travel. But I didn’t have to travel it alone. Family and friends helped. When Christians help other Christians, in can inspire their faith. Those who have gone through similar situations know what I am talking about. I drew closer to God in a way I had not before. Romans tells us that God will work everything for good when we trust Him. I found that to be true! I underwent several surgeries. I almost died. I had to make some permanent adjustments. No chemo or radiation, praise be to God! I am privileged to be a licensed minister in the Wesleyan Church and I am only about a year short of being ordained. I didn’t see how any of these things could be possible just a little over a couple of years ago. All credit must rest with God. You see, God still cares about and loves us, doesn’t He? The faith that inspired my heart and brought healing can only come from above. When God puts it upon your heart to testify about His great love, do what Jim did and never under estimate how He might use you.

God bless...keith 1 Cor 13

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